We all know how exhausting bit can be to search for that perfect flight that is suitable for your pocket. This can go on and on especially when there is no constant when it comes to pricing. We use a wide variety of search engines and most of the time end up disappointed.

Sometimes what we see is not what we get and we end up paying a significant amount in extra charges. This can make travel a difficult process fraught with disappointment. Yet all hope is not lost. There are a few excellent tips to making sure you get high value flights for the cheapest fees.

What is more, these tips are applicable from any location you are traveling across the world. So fasten your sit belt for takeoff. We are about to bring you these tips:

  1. Hide Your Flight search from your browser

This may sound ridiculous and downright unbelievable. But there is nothing truer than this. Flight websites use cookies which are embedded in your phone. There is no industry where cookies are important as the aviation industry. These airlines track your devices whenever you search for flights.

The more you search a particular route, chances are the more the prices increase. This is sometimes a scare tactic employed by airline industries to coerce you into booking your flights sooner than you would before the prices climb up to an altitude that is higher than your budget. But there are ways around this.

The best way is to use incognito mode or browse through a private window. This will ensure that your information is not monitored and you can search for flights with ease. Because your cookies are reset each time, the airline is not able to remember your search. But make sure to always close all incognito modes before opening a new search.

Another way is to use search engines that ensure your privacy. There are search engines that do not monitor your data allowing you to browse with ease and privacy. One such engine is Duckduckgo. Using browsers such as this ensures your data is not monitored and prices are not unnecessarily increased.

  1. Book your flights ahead of time

This is also another requirement. We know there are times where we just have to fly on the go but when this is not the case, it is always better not to procrastinate. When you start searching for flights ahead of time, you stand a better chance of getting the best deals.

Apart from getting more value, it saves you more time giving you the comfort to plan your journey with more convenience. Another opportunity to factor in is the fact that there actually are cheaper months to travel.

Months like April May and September are cheap for traveling while July and December can be more than two times the travel fee. When you book your travels around the cheap months, this will save you a great deal of money. This money can be judiciously applied to book your hotel accommodation.

  1. Look for Airline Pricing Mistakes

Yes. This is actually possible. People fly constantly and this keeps airlines extremely busy. Because of this mistakes are bound to happen. Some airlines can post flight prices which may actually be cheaper than was intended.

These mistakes happen as a result of many factors such as human error, or currency conversion miscalculation. Taking advantage of this saves you money.


Follow these tips and enjoy the best value for your money when you fly.